Convention Clinics

Here you'll find links to various clinic handouts and presentations given at NCR Conventions. Not every clinic will be listed here, only those provided by the clinician.

Clinic Title (date added) Presenter(s) Materials
A Clinic on Scenery (11/03/2011) John Wissinger, MMR
A Short History of the Southern Pacific Daylights (11/14/2011) Robert "R.B." Trombley, MMR
Backdrop for your Layout (11/17/2011) Norm Logan
DCC Layout Wiring (11/02/2011) David Simmons
Finishing and Detailing Structures (11/05/2011) Dan Lewis
From Freelance to Prototype (10/12/2018)
Ways to improve your layout’s representation of the prototype without doing a total makeover
Gaylord Gill
From the Prototype to Your Layout: Details and Static Action (11/16/2011) Mark Cowles
Generating Car Cards & Waybills (10/15/2018) Ron St. Laurent
Getting the Most from Your DPM Buildings (11/04/2011) Dan Lewis
History of Presidential Trains (11/03/2011) Rad Jones