NCR Board Meeting

Meeting Date
Jack Watson, NCR President
Dean Pyers, NCR Treasurer
Larry Wolohon, NCR Secretary
Tim Fisher, NCR Director
Bill Neale, NCR Director
Chuck White, NCR Convention Chair
Joel Goldberg, NCR Model Contest Chair
Marty LaForte, NCR Registrar
Uwe Thormaehlen, NCR Resident Agent
Dave Thornton, NMRA Vice Pres.
Barry Hensel, Hotbox Editor
Fred Lux, Div. 1 Supt.
Dick Moessner, Div. 3 Supt.
Skip Luyk, Div. 4 Supt.
John Hartman, Div. 5 Supt.
Jerry Shanek, Div. 8 Supt.
David Simmons, Div. 9 Supt.
Don Harbin, Div. 10 Supt.
Pete Magoun

Meeting was called to order @ approx.. 11:00 am by NCR President Jack Watson.

Jack had handout for: What do you get for NMRA Dues.

New Business:

Dan Lewis has resigned from Photo Contest Chair, Chuck White recommended Rick &/or Marie Ware as new Photo Contest Chair.

Pete Magoun, MMR, talked about running for Central Director. Pete owns Trains & Things Hobbies. Pete was interviewed for this position by NMRA president, Mike Brestal for taking over from Dave Thornton after Dave was appointed for NMRA Vice President. Pete went over his qualifications. Pete wants to better use of volunteer time. Very few NMRA members vote, 10 – 15% vote, so a high turn out of NCR voters, may help get Pete elected.

Registrar‟s report, 808 NCR member, 375 subscriptions with 333 paid.

Jack talked about CD with the NMRA manual on it.

Marv Linke will be looking for Divisions‟ financial reports for the year end of 2010 for reporting to IRS for 2011.

Uwe talked about Rules of Operation, get the final 1/3 rewriten. Uwe would like to have the rules voted on by email as an option. The motion was made by Chuck White, seconded by Larry Wolohon & approved.

Budget: region gets money from head-tax from Region Conventions, $7/convention attendees, $2/NMRA member when they renew & subscription fees to HotBox. Should head tax be $5 rather than $7? Discussion about if lowering $5 for NCX2010. John Hartmann asked how much should NCR have in bank? Jack answered approx 2 years of Hotbox expenses. Lowering head tax will give Divisions a break to put on Regional Conventions. Head tax was voted to be $5 rather than $7 starting with 2011.

Future Convention Hosts: No regional convention for 2012. Proposed 2 conventions for 2013, for Div. 9 & 10, or an OPS weekend for 2012 rather than convention since Grand Rapids is hosting 2012 National Convention.

Hotbox income doesn't cover cost of Hot Box. How should we cover this? Mass mailing of HotBox will take place next August, for elections & to promote Lansing Convention.

The meeting room for NCR board meeting has been proposed to be paid by NCR rather than Convention group. Fred Lux proposed: 1. Board Members are responsible for the cost of their meal, if a meal is served. 2. If an additional cost is incurred to secure a room for the NCR board meeting, the fee is the responsibility of the Region, not to exceed $250. This was discussed.

Another Proposal: NCR to cover the AV equipment for regional conventions. This was discussed for a while.

Future conventions discussed: A flyer for 2011 Lansing Convention, Lansing Legacies 2011 was passed out. This convention will take place November 3-6 (Thursday-Sunday), 2011 in Lansing, Mi. Div. 5 is ready to take $ for registration @ NCX2010 or mail to the person & address on the flyer.

No Convention for 2012, board meeting in Jackson.
2013, Div. 9, 5 active people, don‟t think they can do it
2013, Div. 10 – not much activity, few members show up to meetings, 5 or 6
2013, Div. 8, Jerry Shanek will bring up to membership for approval to proceed.
2014 Toledo and 2015 Ft. Wayne
Clinics make & take draw in new people & modelers.

NMRA has the draw of insurance for various events. Misuse of NMRA insurance & representation has been discussed. NMRA insurance is for NMRA members & guests, not people that claim to be members that are not really members.

Donation to NMRA to Digitize photos/plans etc. Diamond Club has been a runaway success, should NCR make a donation? $1000 was proposed & voted on & passed.

Jack thought that New officers will be needed soon as a lot of the current officers are term limited. However a later e-mail from Uwe, indicated that the current officers took office @ GLX2007, so they should be set for 2 more years.

NCR board meeting will be Friday, 9:00 am in Lansing. Div. 5 will host 2011 regional convention.

Chuck White would like to get access to names, addresses, etc of convention attendees.

Dave Simmons discussed using NCR website for various items 2 gigabyte capacity.

More NMRA: Dave Thornton asked about how the NCR board members liked the new NMRA logo. Dave also said that if there is a problem, get a hold of him rather than put complaints on blogs, yahoo groups, etc. 14% NMRA members live outside US. Dave noted that there are sizeable Groups in Germany & Taiwan interested in NMRA. Railpass retentions are 60%. NMRA membership is roughly 19,000.Standards group has been rejuvenated, couplers are being looked at.

The meeting was adjourned @ approx 2:30 pm.