NMRA North Central Region Fall Business Meeting

Meeting Date
Dave McMullian – President
Scott Kremer – Vice President
Bill Neale – Secretary
Alan Godfrey – Treasurer
Dean Pyers – Resident Agent
Pete Magoun – NMRA Central Director
Larry Wolohan – Achievement Program
Glenn Joppich – Director at Large
Jay Qualman – Director at Large
Dave Capron – Superintendent, Div. 2
Chuck White – Superintendent, Div. 3
Mark Baldwin – Superintendent, Div. 4
Andy Keeney – Superintendent, Div. 5
Mark Elis – Superintendent, Div. 6
Phil Doolittle – Superintendent, Div. 8
Paul McGinnis – Superintendent, Div. 9
Don Westcott – Superintendent, Div. 10


  • David Simmons – Registrar
  • Skip Luyk – Director at Large

Administrative and Business Items:

  1. Treasurer’s Report was read and accepted – Alan Godfrey Treasurer. Motion to approve the Report was accepted and passed.
  2. Region Compliance to IRS 501c3 regulations
    1. Divisions are required to comply as individual entities
    2. Each Division has its own tax ID
    3. All Divisions must go to the IRS website and complete a simple annual report to qualify the Division for tax exemption. They must also update officers and contact data
    4. After the update of the IRS site, each Division will receive an acknowledgement from the IRS. Please retain a copy in your records and forward a copy to Dean Pyers
    5. Note: Exemption 501c3 is for “education organizations” and not social clubs. This is an appropriate designation for the NMRA and their sub organizations, but when reporting, we need to keep this aspect of the NMRA foremost in our responses.
  3. Annual Insurance Form
    1. Do it now. Please correctly list officers of the division in the entry. This must be done every year.
  4. Hot Box Report – Barry Hensel
    1. The Hot Box always needs articles. Barry says he is running low and needs some quality material for future publications. Articles and divisional write ups should be sent to Barry about a month before the publication. Due dates for having articles published are:
      1. March 1st
      2. June 1st
      3. September 1st
      4. November 1st
    2. Please provide Divisional updates in a timely manner. The Hot Box needs concise paragraphs for each division
    3. Subscriptions are relatively steady from last year.
    4. At this point, publication costs exceed the subscription revenue, however, there is enough other revenue from other sources to cover the overage.
    5. Barry Hensel was asked to propose an approach to moving the Hot Box to an all-electronic publication
  5. Registrars Report (Dave Simmons provided a report to the President for review)
    1. We need to update member data when it changes
    2. Divisional changes need to be passed to Dave
    3. Overall, the region membership is relatively level. Some variation in the divisions is due to the forming of Division 2 from the parts and pieces of other divisions. Some changes are due to the “Division of Choice” program where members have shifted to a more convenient division.
  6. Update on proposed governing document changes – Scott Kremer
    1. Several of the primary NCR governing documents need to be updated with some minor to reflect operational changes
    2. Some changes to the Bylaws will require membership approval which means they must be on the ballot
    3. Changes to our Rules of Operation will require only a BOD approval
    4. Scott is still in process of working on those changes and will distribute his recommendations to the BOD at a later time
  7. 2016 Elections
    1. Several key officers will be ending their service because they are term limited or their positions
    2. Volunteers for a nominating committee:
      1. Chuck White
      2. Larry Wolohan
      3. Dave McMullian
      4. Pete Magoun
    3. Notices will be published in the March Hot Box
    4. May 1st deadline for nominees
    5. Ballots will be published in the June Hot Box
  8. Division Matters
    1. Division 2 discussed their “Yard” concept. Each major population area within the Division operates as a “Yard”, with a “Yardmaster”. This helps them accommodate a more geographically dispersed division. Each Yard organizes meetings and activities specifically for those folks within the yard’s area. Of course all the division’s members are invited, but the focus on the smaller geographical area allows more activities for members. Every year, two all-division meetings are held in addition to the Yard meetings.
    2. Division 9 meets on Saturday morning for breakfast and then holds their business meeting afterwards.
    3. Division 10 holds meetings in their members’ homes and combines the meeting with a layout visit.
    4. There is a standing proposal to transfer some Mid-Central Region members into the NCR. Dave needs to contact the MCR to ensure they are not blindsided by this action. Chuck White will be the primary NCR contact for these proposed new members.
    5. Division Names – We are proposing to use names for our divisions instead of the numbers. The numbers must remain for administrative purposes, but the names can be used for all other purposes. The idea will be to develop a list of 5 proposed names and let the division members vote on which they prefer. The name should infer a sense of identity and location.
    6. Motion made, seconded, and approved to proceed with creating division names for the NCR Divisions.
  9. Dave McMullian mentioned that he would like to see our various publications improve the quality of the photographs they publish. Too often the pictures are fuzzy or of such poor resolution that the publication seems unattractive. Both Dave Simmons and Dave McMullian have worked with publication graphics and are good resources for getting help on this matter.
  10. We did a quick review of the Division 6 Regional Convention planned for 2016. No hotel will be provided. We will use the Ward Presbyterian Church at Newburgh and 6 Mile as the meeting location. Clinicians will get a small break on the cost of registration. They are also considering providing a $5 discount if the attendee brings a model to display.
  11. The 2017 Regional will be in Grand Rapids, “Grand Rails 2017”. It will be at the Ramada Plaza at $79 a night. The hotel is located at 28th Street and the East Belt Line.
  12. Division 5 will handle the 2018 convention, Division 8 will get the 2019 convention.
  13. We had a quick discussion about the AP program. All aspects of this should be coordinated through Larry Wolohan.
  14. Dave McMullian asked the Division Superintendents to present a petition that was made to the National Contest Committee. A member has made a formal petition to change the rule that eliminates the Best-in-Show winner from competing in his own category. We need to provide this petition its due process, without prejudice. This must be done and the results returned to Dave by November 30th. Each Superintendent needs to send the names to Dave before the end of November.
  15. Dave McMullian announced that the next board meeting will be held in the Spring of 2016 at a central location. The meeting will involve less administrative business and focus on Division development, convention development, and brainstorming strategies to improve our services to our members.

Respectfully submitted by Bill Neale, NCR Secretary